Talking Sports Participation for Children with Disability (podcast)


Australian children and young people do not move enough each day, and this is particularly true for children with disability. There is no denying that something must be done soon to increase kids’ physical activity levels and sports participation. But how do we make the shift that’s needed to get children—particularly those with disability—to stand up and start moving?

Join Georgina Clutterbuck and Dr. Leanne Johnston as they discuss research on the topic of sports participation in Australia, and how physiotherapists can make a difference in the lives of this population.

This podcast is a Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) initiative supported by FlexEze – the exclusive partner of the PRF.

Links and further information:

Links to Georgina's publications and infographics relating to sports participation for children with disabilities can all be found at: This includes details about Sports Stars.

Georgina's university profile can be found here:

Leanne Johnston’s university profile can be found here:

The best place to follow new research on sports participation - from the transition to sport research discussed in this podcast, all the way to elite sports performance for children and young adults with disabilities, is on the Children’s Motor Control Research Collaboration’s facebook page:

Organised Junior Entry Point Programs (Including Net Set Go):





Australian Rules:

Finally, an AFO is an ankle foot orthosis. These are commonly worn by children with CP wear to help manage the spasticity they experience in their calves.