Support for those impacted by NSW and QLD bushfires


The past week has been filled with tragedy and loss for many Australians. The devastating bushfires currently occurring across New South Wales and Queensland have affected many of our members and the communities we serve. In response to this crisis, we would like to extend our support to any member affected by the bushfires to date and in the ensuing weeks by providing:

  • Access to our APA Employee Assistance program telephone counselling on 0407 086 000. When prompted, your code is ' APA member'. 
  • Full refunds to members unable to attend professional development events. Please contact us on 1300 306 622 to arrange reimbursements. 
  • Confidential discussion regarding membership fees for those experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of the fires. 

Our member insurance program partner, BMS Risk Solutions has provided the following information on insurance processes for members affected:

  • Make sure you have the local emergency app on your phone to keep yourself updated with any local hazards or incoming weather changes.
  • Clear your home or business property of any loose debris. Ensure gutters are clear and cut back overgrown or dead bushes and trees.
  • Have a fire evacuation plan and communicate it to your co-workers, employees and family members. Have a location of safety chosen in case of evacuation.
  • Remain calm and follow evacuation recommendations by authorities.
  • Ensure you have packed your important documents in an easy to take bag or folder (along with your other valuables). We recommend this includes your property insurance documents, including a contact number for your insurer
  • Check your business and home insurance policies, ensuring you understand the level of coverage in place. Your insurer will have guidance for you on ways you can mitigate any potential loss in times of crisis, so reach out to your Insurer to discuss now, before the worst happens.
  • If you need to claim – call your Insurer to lodge a claim notification over the phone. Your Insurer will guide you through this process.

We have also compiled a list of other important sources of support:

  • NSW emergency management and recovery quick links:
  • QLD emergency management and recovery quick links: