APA Insurance— what’s new?


As Business group members start to think about their APA membership renewal, the time is right  to do a ‘health check’ on your business coverage as a whole. The official broker for the APA member insurance program highlights the main areas of cover business group members should consider this December.

Business entity insurance

Business entity insurance ‘closes the gap’ between your individual professional indemnity/public and products liability policy, and your business insurance. If physiotherapy businesses do not already have business entity coverage, your business will be uninsured for its respective professional risks.

What is business entity cover?

Business entity cover is professional indemnity and public liability insurance for your business. This is different to your personal insurance or that of clinicians and does not extend to cover clinicians for their actions while working within your clinic.

When your business is named in an action, these costs aren’t covered by your standard APA policy, which can leave you out of pocket.

Do you need entity cover?

It is sensible business practice for all businesses to cover their entity risks. If a clinician in your business is named in an enquiry, it’s also commonplace for the business to be investigated as a means of determining contributory factors.

Will there be an extra premium payable?

Your APA policy automatically includes business entity/public and products liability cover for you as an individual. If you have other allied health practitioners, or physiotherapists performing non-physiotherapy work in your clinic, there may be an additional premium. The premium is individually assessed for each business and can be determined by logging into the BMS online sales portal, found at apa.bmsgroup.com.

Business insurance—clinic/equipment/ business Interruption

The APA business insurance policy is designed for APA business owners who use equipment, lease or own a property, or require cover for theft or glass. The policy covers various elements, including:

  • property damage
  • theft
  • glass
  • money
  • equipment breakdown.

In almost all cases, business owners require at least one element of business insurance. Some aspect of cover to be considered for physiotherapists specifically are:

  • if you own a clinic or lease a space
  • if you have employees or contractors
  • if you have equipment or assets
  • if your lease contract states you are responsible for air conditioning systems or glass in the building
  • if you could not maintain normal business operation if you were to suffer a fire at your business premises.

How do I apply for additional levels of cover?

BMS has recently launched their new self- service insurance platform that allows you to purchase additional insurance cover.

Renewal of your APA membership is a great time to reach out to BMS to discuss your insurance. If you are ever in doubt about your level of cover or how to make a claim, APA members are urged to contact BMS to discuss.

For more information about APA member insurance program, call 1800 931 068 or email apa@bmsgroup.com


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