It’s time to take the lead


As we near the completion of 2019, our annual APA election cycle swings into action. Every year, well over 1000 of you roll up your sleeves and contribute your time, expertise and passion to further developing our profession. This contribution cannot be underestimated—it is one of the reasons that our organisation has grown and strengthened so rapidly over the last five years.

‘... there are avenues for you to make a difference to the profession by taking on an APA leadership role.’

Our engaged members serve in a variety of ways; from joining branch councils, to national group committees, to conference scientific and advisory committees, to representing all of us on state and national level-health system advocacy working parties and committees.

No matter at what point you are in your career, there are avenues for you to make a difference to the profession by taking on an APA leadership role. It takes members at all of the different stages of their career to contribute and make our leadership vehicles more robust and forward-thinking as we incorporate a broad range of perspectives. Contributions of time, energy, knowledge, experience and passion by members are the lifeblood of our Association.

The levels of commitment required are varied, which open up opportunities for those who can contribute a few hours a week through to those who can contribute more. Our profession is only as good as its members. Having that member perspective reflected on your Association’s governance bodies is crucial; most of our committees are very keen for people with enthusiasm and new ideas to step up and drive the profession forward.

In the next month, nominations will open for a variety of positons across our organisation, including the Board of Directors, and now is the right time to express your interest in driving our profession forward to meet the many exciting developments and challenges that lie ahead.

Thank you for your consideration, and thank you to all of our engaged members who continue to lead our profession into the future.

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