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New program aims to change attitudes and improve health for young people with disability

A ground-breaking new program aims to change attitudes towards disability, while improving the physical and mental health of young people with disabilities through exercise. 

The importance of barista wrist assessment

Each week, baristas spend hours on their feet—grinding, tamping and serving coffee. Most are exposed to awkward hand movements and must exert excessive force through their wrists, forearms, elbows and back.

Robotic rehabilitation comes to Australia

Children with serious neurological conditions will benefit from the increasing global presence of artificial intelligence and robotics, with the opening of Australia's first robotic rehabilitation gym.

Total knee replacement: no benefit to inpatient rehab

Intensive inpatient rehabilitation after uncomplicated total knee replacement is no more effective than simple outpatient rehabilitation, Australian researchers have reported in the MJA.

Yes, you can get injured doing yoga—here’s how to avoid it

There's no faster way to take the peace and love out of yoga than with an injury. With recent research showing that one in 10 yogis experience musculoskeletal pain from the poses, you clearly have to be careful how you contort yourself.

Physiotherapy integral to postnatal recovery

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life. It's also one of most physically strenuous, with numerous potential short and long term consequences for both body and mind.

World Physiotherapy Day highlights the role of physio in stroke recovery

September 8 marks World Physiotherapy Day which, this year, falls within National Stroke Week (September 4–10), highlighting the increasingly important role physiotherapy plays in stroke recovery. 


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