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SA Health warning for bouncing babies

BABY walkers and exercise jumpers shuold be avoided because of the risk of injury and developmental delay for babies, health experts warn.

Jolly Jumpers and baby walkers should be avoided, SA Health and experts warn

Parents are being urged not to buy baby walkers and exercise jumpers for their babies because of the risk of injury and developmental delays.

Lack of funds hits digital health options for arthritis sufferers

The Australian Physiotherapy Association says a lack of funds is preventing arthritis sufferers in the country — whose treatment costs $23.9 billion every year — from being treated with digital health options which have been found to be effective.

Not on our watch! Reader’s Digest slammed for ‘ageist’ article about over-50s

American magazine Reader’s Digest has come under fire for an “ageist” article it published, which suggested seniors are ailing creatures who aren’t fit enough for rigorous exercises anymore. 

Age is not a barrier to exercise

Health experts have hit back at "ageist" exercise recommendations, which advise Territorians over the age of 50 to avoid certain movements. The Australian Physiotherapy Association said exercise programs should be based on individual ability and needs, rather than age.

Effective intervention starts with assessment

Incontinence of urine or faeces can affecr both men and women of all ages, however the incidence rises significantly among the elderly. This does not mean that it should be considered a natural and expected part of ageing—loss of bladder or bowel control is not normal. 

No place for ageism in exercise prescription

Counter to advice in a recent Reader’s Digest article, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) advises that exercise programs should be based on individual ability and needs, rather than age.

How exercise keeps our brains and bodies young

Regular physical activity is as important for maintaining our health, as it is our brains, especially as we age. We all know that regular exercise can have both immediate and long-term benefits for our health. However, research shows that physically, one in three women over 50 and one in five men will sustain an osteoporotic fracture in their lives.

Physios support RACGP recommendations for exercise management of OA

New guidelines released by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and co-authored by Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) member Professor Kim Bennell from the University of Melbourne confirm that exercise and weight management should be the first treatment options for Australians living with debilitating knee and/or hip osteoarthritis (OA).

Prescribed exercise from a physiotherapist supports better mental health

Worldwide, one in four people will experience a mental health condition at some point in their lives; one in six will have experienced a mental health condition in the past week alone. This year World Physiotherapy Day—Saturday 8 September—focused on the role physiotherapists play in supporting people with a range mental health conditions.


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