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Why experts are calling for you to break up with your couch

It’s probably the most expensive item of furniture you own. Your evenings are spent in nestled in its arms. Maybe you eat dinner there. Maybe you even sleep there. It feels like your best friend. But your sofa may be sabotaging your health.

How to fix that dizzy feeling

Is the room suddenly spinning and you don’t know why? And no, it’s not thanks to that big night on the weekend or boot camp this morning. Chances are it’s vertigo – a feeling that either you or the environment around you is moving. It’s a specific type of dizziness that can wreak havoc on your everyday life and make standing up feel like the earth is spinning out of control. 

Is walking enough exercise?

Can you get away with a brisk stroll, or do you need to do more to truly be fit? Experts offer their take to The Conversation.

Let’s get flexible: Why stretching is actually good for you

Assisted stretch studios are popping up across the country, where Aussies pay to be pushed and pulled as they lie on special tables. The first dedicated studio opened last year, but they’re now in most capitals, and with one-on-one sessions costing from $39 to $100, it’s a lucrative industry Sara Abgrall, the manager of Stretch Studio in Sydney’s Double Bay, says, “I’ve stretched clients ranging from triathletes who want to recover and perform better to mums getting back into exercise and office workers wanting to relieve tension and pain from sitting all day.”

Go on, take a break: your life could quite literally depend on it

Studies have found that sitting for too long can play a direct role in an early death – #yikes. Don’t worry too much, though. After reading the results of these studies, we quite literally got off our bums and sought out an expert who could tell us how to reverse this trend, stat. Introducing APA Physiotherapist and National Chair of the APA Occupational Health Physiotherapist Group, David Hall, expert on all things sitting.

'Smart socks' offer hope for remote patients with chronic pain, researcher says

New wearable "smart sock" technology could help physiotherapists treat regional and remote patients and get them back on their feet.

Strength Training For Two During Your Pregnancy

Here, Tim Dettmann – Physiotherapist, Kieser Australia, talks about fitness strengthening during pregnancy.

Physios integral at Commonwealth Games

More than 25 sports physiotherapists will help keep Australian and international athletes in peak condition at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

K Rock Listen: Tom & Sarah Maree chat with Hayley Irving, Women’s Health Physiotherapist

More people then you probably realised are effected by Endometroisis everyday, whether they suffer from it, their partner does, their mother does or their boss does. To find out more, Tom and Sarah Maree spoke with Hayley Irving,  APA Titled Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Specialist physiotherapy treatment integral to cancer patients

Ahead of Lymphoedema Awareness Day on Tuesday 6 March, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is joining the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) in calling on the federal government to support Medicare funding for Australians living with this chronic illness.


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