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How to fix that dizzy feeling

Is the room suddenly spinning and you don’t know why? And no, it’s not thanks to that big night on the weekend or boot camp this morning. Chances are it’s vertigo – a feeling that either you or the environment around you is moving. It’s a specific type of dizziness that can wreak havoc on your everyday life and make standing up feel like the earth is spinning out of control. 

Let’s get flexible: Why stretching is actually good for you

Assisted stretch studios are popping up across the country, where Aussies pay to be pushed and pulled as they lie on special tables. The first dedicated studio opened last year, but they’re now in most capitals, and with one-on-one sessions costing from $39 to $100, it’s a lucrative industry Sara Abgrall, the manager of Stretch Studio in Sydney’s Double Bay, says, “I’ve stretched clients ranging from triathletes who want to recover and perform better to mums getting back into exercise and office workers wanting to relieve tension and pain from sitting all day.”

Safety and effectiveness of physiotherapy highlighted in low level of consumer complaints

A new research paper from the University of Melbourne released today highlights the very low rate of consumer complaints against physiotherapists. The retrospective analysis of formal complaints against registered chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists in Australia was collated from data accessed between 2011 and 2016.

Ride to raise awareness of chronic back pain

A GROUP of medical professionals will go to great pains in an attempt to break a vicious cycle this month. The 23 riders taking part in the initiative will comprise physiotherapists and other health workers. They will complete the ride in a bid to spread awareness about chronic back pain.

Pain Revolution seeks to break the cycle of chronic pain for rural and regional Australians

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is once again a proud sponsor of the Pain Revolution in 2018, a 7-day, 770km cycle from Sydney to Albury Wodonga commencing 11 April.

Targeted neuro-physiotherapy intervention vital in effective management of Parkinson’s disease

In the lead up to World Parkinson’s Day on 11 April the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is highlighting the vital role physios play in helping people achieve the best possible quality of life after diagnosis—to slow the disease progression and, in many cases, improve their symptoms in the early stages.

'Smart socks' offer hope for remote patients with chronic pain, researcher says

New wearable "smart sock" technology could help physiotherapists treat regional and remote patients and get them back on their feet.

Physiotherapists key to keeping Commonwealth Games athletes in peak condition

While the world’s attention turns to the 6,600 athletes competing in this week’s Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, it is the precision work happening behind the scenes that is ensuring that athletes competing across the 18 sports stay in top condition for their events. Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) members are an integral part of every athlete’s support team.

Perth dad Gwynne Erasmus learns to walk again despite suffering rare nervous disorder

A Perth father who was told he’d never walk again has proved the medical world wrong. Gwynne Erasmus suffers from a rare nervous disorder called Erythromelalgia, which blocks the blood vessels, causing swelling, redness and pain. He said one morning a few years ago, he just could not stand up.

AFLW player wins PRF grant to study ACL injuries

It was professional footballer Brooke Patterson's love of sport that first drew her to the profession of physiotherapy, which has now enabled her to merge her two loves via a Physiotherapy Research Foundation grant.


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