Regional Victorians can seek information about their chronic pain conditions from world-leading pain scientists as part of the 2020 Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Bicycle Tour commencing in Geelong on Saturday March 7.  

Supported by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), the tour will raise awareness and funds to support a Local Pain Educator Program which will provide training and education to regional health practitioners, including physiotherapists, to develop sustainable pain management strategies for their patients and deliver pain education clinics in their communities.

This support will lessen the burden on regional and rural communities that already suffer a shortage of specialist health practitioners and an over reliance on potentially addictive pain relief medications.

Chronic pain is the leading cause of early retirement and work absenteeism in Australia, costing the economy more than $73 billion per year1. Left untreated, it can also lead to depression, cancer, stroke, heart disease and drug addiction. 

APA honoured member and Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of South Australia, Professor Lorimer Moseley, is again leading the Pain Revolution tour. He is being joined by APA chair of Pain group, Dianne Wilson, who is also on her fourth tour - this time as one of the lead educators for the community education program.

Dianne says the lack of specialist chronic pain management services in regional areas needs to be addressed. “The Rural Outreach Tour aims to educate Australians living outside major cities about evidence based ways to treat chronic pain rather than use medication alone. The Brain Bus interactions and public seminars will help Australians living with chronic pain understand the condition better, and hopefully empower them to try new methods to control and ultimately overcome it.” 

The Brain Bus will accompany the tour. This is an experiential science lab that will host pain science demonstrations, designed to help demystify the causes and effects of chronic pain. Brain Bus researchers and clinicians will provide interactive pain science education using visual illusions, storytelling and virtual reality.

Seminars will also be held for health professionals in each of the 10 regional locations, finishing in Wangaratta on Saturday March 14. Money raised will assist funding for 18 Local Pain Educator scholarships for health professionals in East Gippsland, Wellington and Western Victoria.    

The Pain Revolution Outreach 2020 Tour takes in the following locations: Geelong (Mar 7), Frankston (Mar 8), Wonthaggi (Mar 9), Traralgon (Mar 10), Sale (Mar 11), Bairnsdale (Mar 11), Orbost (Mar 12), Omeo (Mar 13), Bright (Mar 13) and Wangaratta (Mar 14).


1 Painaustralia Annual Report, 2018.

Dianne Wilson and Professor Lorimer Moseley are available for interview or comment.


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