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Persistent low back pain

Understanding the relationship between contributing factors and low back pain

Grant recipient: Kevin Wernli, APAM

Project title: Does changing movement matter? Understanding the relationship between changes in movement, pain, activity limitation and psychological factors in persistent low back pain

Year awarded: 2017

PRF grant: Project Grant

Physiotherapy interventions for early-onset knee osteoarthritis following ACLR

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Characteristics of nerve-related neck-arm pain

Grant recipient: Brigitte Tampin, APAM

Project title: Clinical and somatosensory characteristics of patients with nerve-related neck-arm pain.

Year awarded: 2008

PRF grant: Seeding grant

The inequities of chronic pain

Grant recipient: Bernadette Brady, APAM

Project title: The inequities of chronic pain – responding with culturally responsive physiotherapy.

Year awarded: 2016

PRF grant: Seeding grant

Development of a 'readiness' and 'success' evaluation framework for models of care

Grant recipient: Andrew Briggs, FACP

Project title: Development of a 'readiness' and 'success' evaluation framework for Australian musculoskeletal models of care.

Year awarded: 2010

PRF grant: Tagged Grant

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