5 facts about mental health for practitioners and patients

Given everything that is going on across the globe right now, the discussion around mental health is as important as ever. More specifically, how do physiotherapist’s best take care of themselves?

APA Mental Health Group leaders from across Australia came together and identified five key facts that could help physiotherapists look after their own mental health in times of stress and uncertainty. A big Thank You to APA Mental Health Group Queensland chair Ellen Lake, APA Mental Health Group Queensland committee member Richard Modderman, APA Mental Health Group New South Wales chair Beth Fuller, APA Mental Health Group South Australia chair Georgie Davidson, APA Mental Health Group Victoria chair Rosalie Russo, APA Mental Health Group Tasmania chair Rachel Peck-Israel and APA Mental Health Group Western Australia chair Ruth Lira, your contribution is always appreciated.

The Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) has highlighted key messages from the 5 facts article featured in the June edition of InMotion and produced an infographic. Click on the image below to access a printable A3 file.