Talking: Back pain imaging and overdiagnosis


Millions of dollars in Australia is spent on back pain imaging per year, but there are many common misconceptions with spinal imagery that often lead to overdiagnosis.

In this episode of Talking Physio, Associate Professor Tasha Stanton talks with Dr Adrian Traegar and Dr Emma Karran about why overdiagnosis is a huge problem and how it impacts our health systems.

The trio stress the importance of patient communication strategies, the need for public health strategies to increase awareness and high value care such as exercise – which can help regardless of the severity of a condition depicted on a scan.


Dr Adrian Traegar, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Sydney
Associate Professor Tasha Stanton, University of South Australia
Dr Emma Karran, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of South Australia 

This podcast is a Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) initiative supported by FlexEze – the exclusive partner of the PRF.