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APA Partnerships

When the APA considers a partnership, we want to ensure that the proposed partners are industry/category leaders and a relationship will add benefit to the physiotherapy community. The APA community consists of members and consumers. There are two distinct partnership categories - APA Corporate and APA Endorsed (explained below).

The primary reasons when considering an APA partnership include:

  • provision of a beneficial product/service for both members and/or consumers relevant to physiotherapy 
  • providing educational/business support to APA members 
  • support of APA member events 
  • providing APA members with discounts/offers 
  • Look to invest in APA channels and campaigns. 

Why partner with the APA

A partnership with the APA will place a brand, product or service in front of a 32 000 strong membership. Benefits include:

  • an increased brand awareness 
  • business/promotional opportunities with our members 
  • an opportunity to distinguish your product from competitors within the consumer landscape 
  • supporting the physiotherapy industry. 

How to partner?

There are two distinct partnership opportunities available: Corporate Partnership and Endorsed Partnership.

Corporate Partner

An APA corporate partnership provides a company with a channel to promote and communicate with physiotherapists being the key target audience. There are expectations that the company would support APA events (national and state), advertising (print/digital) products, participate in a member offer/ discount program and generally support the industry. All corporate partnerships receive a benefits package and does attract a level of commercial investment. An application form needs to be completed.

Endorsed Partner

An endorsed partnership is where the APA alignment is via the endorsed product rather than company and the target market could be either physiotherapists or consumers. Companies submit products for endorsement consideration and the review involves a two part process (as per below). Any products deemed worthy of APA endorsement go through a rigorous process to ensure they are fit for purpose for professional endorsement. Products carrying the APA endorsed logo provides consumers with confidence that the product has been fully evaluated thus providing a level of security and trust.

Endorsement process

The APA will send the interested company an application form to complete. Once received, the application is reviewed internally and if successful, the APA will notify the company and move to the second stage, which involves a review by a nominated physiotherapist (aligned with one of the APA national specialist groups). The following are expected to accompany the review:

  • TGA certification (if applicable) 
  • safety standard certification (if applicable)  
  • evidence or research information  
  • relevant current studies  
  • marketing collateral (any marketing claims need to be validated) 
  • samples of the proposed endorsed product. 

The appointed physiotherapist will review and test the product against the supplied information to ensure compliance/validity of claims and then provide a detailed report (in consultation with the relative national group). The APA will only endorse the product if the report recommends endorsement. The APA will then negotiate commercial terms and a benefits package.

For further information, please contact:

Glenn Lloyd 
Partnerships and Business Development.

03 9092 0822