Wei-Ju Chang—The greedy researcher


Wei-Ju Chang—The greedy researcher


Clare Pickering chats with Dr Wei-Ju Chang APAM, MACP about his 2019 PRF Seeding Grant, the impact of COVID-19, and his desire to research the neurophysiological mechanisms and management of chronic pain.

PRF Grant



Dr Wei-Ju Chang is an early career researcher at Neuroscience Research Australia and St George and Sutherland Centre for Clinical Orthopaedic Research. He is an APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist focusing on musculoskeletal pain, and also interested in managing dizziness and men's health. As a clinician researcher, his research focuses on understanding neurophysiological mechanisms of pain and exploring novel treatments for chronic pain. 

For more information on the research study click here.

This podcast is a Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) initiative supported by Pain Away – Platinum and Content Sponsor of the PRF.


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