CONFERENCE: Accelerate your business


Jack O’Brien, who is one of the presenters for the Business group’s TRANSFORM 2019 Conference workshop, ‘Accelerate—take your business to the next level’, answers some questions about what attendees can expect.

Can you explain your background and what led you to physiotherapy business leadership?

I graduated from the University of Newcastle, and went directly into private practice (I knew that this was where I always wanted to be). I didn’t have any direct aspirations to own a clinic; although, I have always had an entrepreneurial streak, and my family owned a small transport business. For me, private practice is the perfect model to be able to help more people because it isn’t necessarily all about the ‘businessy’ stuff, but there is a commercial reality to what we do and aspirations are not a bad thing. Private practice physiotherapy is an extension of my passion for helping people, and if I can help 50 people a week with my hands, and I can lead a team that helps hundreds of people per week, and assist other clinics to collectively help thousands of people per week … what a joy that would be. I’m so humbled by the opportunities that have come my way, and the people that have (and continue to) guide me.

Leadership has also always been natural to me—from school and elite sports, this filtered through to the clinic. I love leading and empowering others to achieve their goals, to enable more people to be helped, and to communicate and influence positive changes. I have spent many hours and many dollars honing my leadership craft (although I still have plenty to learn). It is my dream to see purpose-driven clinics amplify their impact.

Can you tell us about the course running at the TRANSFORM 2019 in October?

At TRANSFORM this year, we will be facilitating a course that will be practical and tangible for clinic owners in three ways: lead inspired teams, transform client experiences using innovative technology and systems, and grow their clinics in a sustainable way that enables them to help more people and amplify their impact. There will be real-life case studies, easy-to-implement strategies and best-practice lessons from our experience working with hundreds of clinic owners.

What do you hope attendees of this workshop will come away with?

I’m excited to see clinic owners have their eyes opened to the possibilities they may not have seen, to the opportunities that are tangibly within reach, and with the practical strategies to implement right then and there. I love seeing clinic owners put in the work right then and there so that there is action and results, and not simply theory.

Presented by the Australian Centre for Business Growth, Jack O’Brien, and Daniel Gibbs, ‘Accelerate—take your business to the next level’ will be held on Wednesday 16 October from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. To register go to

Jack O’Brien, APAM, is a physiotherapist and multi-site clinic owner from Newcastle NSW and also a business mentor with Clinic Mastery.


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