Covering all angles


Barry Nguyen, APAM, looks at a digital version of a well-known physiotherapy instrument.


Developer: Mark Busman

Where to get it: Apple app store

Price: Free

The PT Goniometer app helps physiotherapists digitally measure the range of motion of their patients’ movements over a given period, utilising the iPhone or iPad camera.

This app is designed for physiotherapists and can work on Apple’s iPhone or iPad devices.

It has useful ‘physiotherapy’ templates to help you record the appropriate data digitally, including end feel and categorising movements actively and passively.

It also allows the physiotherapist to create individual profiles for each patient.


  • Accurate and easy to use to measure ROM with your iPhone or iPad
  • Allows you to enter ‘end feel’ information
  • Can email reports from the app
  • Able to manage individual patient profiles
  • Unlimited data capture
  • Fully searchable reports.


  • Not integrated with local practice management software. 

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