Exercise prescription and progress tracking


SOFTWARE REVIEW: Jasmin Cheah, APAM, reviews a software that creates exercise programs for patients and tracks their progress.

TrackActive is an exercise prescription software that sets up, creates and sends exercise programs to patients while allowing the clinician to simultaneously receive information from the patient for progress to be tracked.

After creating a login account, the clinician is directed to either manually enter patient details or automatically upload them by syncing existing Nookal or Cliniko systems into the TrackActive software. A file for each patient is then generated allowing exercise programs to be created, either by using existing templates and choosing from a selection of in-built exercises, or by the user newly creating one with the option of uploading or linking complementary photos and videos. 

Names, descriptions, and the dosage of the program itself as well as each exercise can be modified. Programs can then be printed or sent via email in PDF format. Alternatively, if the patient chooses to use the website or app to view their program, a link can be sent to the patient’s email address. Using this format allows for videos to be viewed, which can further assist in understanding how to perform each exercise correctly.

Once the patient has completed their exercise program, they are asked to log details about their session such as whether they managed to complete all exercises, session duration, and a rating of a specific symptom (ie pain or stiffness, which was pre-selected by the clinician when setting up the program). There is additional monitoring of progress from a selection of seven patient-reported outcome measures. These are sent via a link to the patient and once complete, results are immediately uploaded onto the patient’s online file. Progress is depicted on a line graph, pie chart, and tables so that it can be easily tracked over time. Inactive patient files can be archived if required, and appointments can be booked through the software once set up.

The TrackActive format allows for easy navigation by both clinician and patient. There is also personalisation by displaying the company’s name on each screen and allowing new exercises to be created. While progress can be easily viewed and tracked, which can increase motivation to complete the program, the software falls short in allowing clinicians to track progress from only one symptom and from a minimal selection of outcome measures.


Developer: Active Health Tech Ltd.

Get it: The website or get the app in Google Play or App Store Price: 30-day free trial, then from $35 per month depending on number of users per software


  • website and app are easy to navigate
  • able to track patient progress and exercise session completion
  • patients can view exercises in a variety of formats (eg, image, video, and/or description)
  • one month free trial of the full software.


  • tracks only one symptom, such as pain
  • choice from a minimal selection of outcome measures to track progress.

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