Exercise programs made easy


APP REVIEW Jessica Kuek, APA Disability group committee member, looks at a tool that creates exercise programs for people with injuries and disabilities.


Developer: Interface developed by Peter Messenger, illustrations drawn by Paul Pattie, content developed by physiotherapists, NSW Department of Health, Sydney, Australia

Get it: Access it online on your computer, device or tablet

Price: Free


  • over 1000 exercises categorised for easy searching
  • images and written instructions for all exercises
  • available in 13 languages
  • developed by physiotherapists and updated regularly with respect to best available evidence.


  • must have internet access to use
  • may take some time to become familiar with all exercises/categories
  • instructions may not be specific enough for some clients—you may need to edit
  • check confidentiality and privacy requirements of your employer about client information
  • being stored on website.

The website has more than 1000 physiotherapy exercises designed by physiotherapists for physiotherapists working with people with injuries or disability. The exercises focus on strength, flexibility, function, motor development and fitness. They have been chosen to be ideal for home exercise programs and do not require hands-on support from a physiotherapist to be completed. The exercise instructions are available in 13 languages.

The website is set up with categories based on condition, exercise type, body part, equipment available, exercise difficulty, and age category. Each exercise has a clear illustration or video, written instructions, precautions and progressions. It can be easily and quickly exported to provide an educational resource to clients. Simply select categories and search, scrolling through images of exercises, then click to select. Once all your exercises are selected, review the order and select the format of the exercise booklet and record sheet you prefer, then export into Word, PDF, html or email. If you use the Word format you can save and edit the instructions to be specific to your client if needed.

Once you create an account you can also use the web app feature for clients to receive their exercise program via email, then track their exercises on a web app on their device. Physiotherapists can set exercise schedule/days and it is also possible for physiotherapists to monitor compliance using the web app. Click here to find out more information and a video tutorial about the features. 

Overall, an excellent free online tool for physiotherapists to quickly create clear and easy-to-follow exercise programs to use as an educational tool for clients.

Note: the views expressed by the reviewer are not necessarily those of the APA.

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