Improve in slow motion


APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist Murray Leyland reviews an app that presents a new approach to analysing athlete performance.


Developer: Agile Sports

Get it: Google Play or App Store

Price: Free

The app’s purpose is to allow for video analysis of movement and provide a cloud environment, which can be used to share with the athlete or patient. From a physiotherapist perspective, the app is fantastic at allowing you to video patient movements, provide objective measures (such as knee valgus angle during single leg landing) and then reassess these measures post intervention. It allows you to slow movements down and assess frame by frame to help educate patients about their technique, for example, running control.

It also allows the therapist to share various videos with athletes and coaches and create a community within the app for improvement.

For example, I have used the app with a local football team to share various strength and control exercises such as Nordic, groin bridge and single leg landing technique so that they have an easily accessible resource to help implement these exercises into their warm up. Coaches can also send videos of the athlete to me in the clinic to allow for technique critique.

Hudl has also excelled in creating a community within the app due to technique videos for various sports with the movement broken down and analysed to help both therapist and patient compare to professionals.


  • any device, any location
  • ability to share video and cloud store is enormously easy and practical.
  • tag criteria allows you to search, find and compare your athlete/patient to a library of professional technique
  • watch movement in varied speeds, frame by frame to see what the naked eye can not
  • ability to watch two videos side by side, for example, comparing pre/post intervention running adjustments.


  • app can bug out sometimes
  • desktop version is more functional and easier to annotate notes.


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