Lumbar spine and pelvis in focus


Michael Ryan, FACP, will co-present with Darren Beales, FACP, and Trudy Rebbeck, FACP, ‘The complete and advanced lumbar spine and pelvis’ course next month.

Who is the course best targeted to?

This course is designed to challenge belief systems, critically appraise relevant and up- to-date literature and improve participants’ clinical reasoning for patients with painful dysfunction around the lower back and pelvic girdle. While all practising physiotherapists would benefit from the course, it is targeted at experienced physiotherapists including, but not restricted to, titled members.

Anyone who wants to attend an interactive, practical course based on, and informed by, the best evidence, and which is presented by three specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapists with extensive clinical and teaching experience, will benefit for the course. It is for physiotherapists who want to be updated and challenge the way they manage their lumbopelvic pain patients and for those who want to improve their clinical reasoning, history taking, examination and treatment of their lumbopelvic patients.

How will the course improve participants’ clinical reasoning and competency in the lumbar spine and pelvic regions?

The course is informed by the available evidence, with cutting-edge evidence presented by those heavily involved in its development. The teaching, research and clinical experience of the three presenters allows them to synthesise the evidence and present it in a way that makes practical and clinical sense. Importantly, the course has a focus on clinical reasoning. Various modes of presentation including live patient demonstrations and follow-up debriefing, interactive lectures and tutorial sessions challenge and improve participants’ clinical reasoning. Practical techniques and skills are taught and practised within a framework of clinical reasoning.

What can participants expect to take away from this three-day course?

We aim to have participants finish the course feeling challenged and ready to see patients with lumbopelvic concerns with greater confidence. We want participants to feel confident that they can think more critically to assess and treat patients, are better able to critically reason through what the best available evidence says, and synthesise that with a structured and efficient history and examination process—all underpinning an efficient and effective, individualised treatment approach.

We expect participants to improve their practice and the outcomes of their patients as well as network with peers and potential mentors.

The complete and advanced lumbar spine and pelvis
NSW 16–18 August
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Michael Ryan is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2007) with a special interest in spinal complaints. He is an Honorary Fellow and lecturer at Macquarie University and is involved in teaching and research related to neck and lower back problems.

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