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APP REVIEW APA Innovation Advisor Barry Nguyen reviews a versatile new app that will help lower the administration burden on physiotherapists.


Publisher: Nexcom Pty Ltd

Get it: and App store

Price: Monthly subscription fee, depending on the number of users

Cliniknote is a paperless solution for taking, recording and storing clinical notes. It is the first app to utilise an iPad app and Apple pencil to take physiotherapists notes just as you would on paper. Cliniknote is versatile, allowing you to make and draw over your own templates, take photos, use text typing, and use third party resources to write-to-text and speak-to-text. It is packed with useful features to make note-taking easy and fast while providing cost savings stationery, storage, and administration. It also allows you to work the way you want with patients.

Cliniknote is an all-in-one solution for taking clinical records. It allows you to draw on an iPad and therefore take notes as you normally would. You can draw over your existing templates as well as making your own. Cliniknote also comes with a supplemented web version, which allows you to manage your templates and users, and record text notes and review existing notes.


  • native iPad app to draw notes increasing responsiveness and user experience
  • fast pinch and zoom functionality when drawing
  • ability to make your own templates with a combination of drawing and text
  • uploading of reports and documents with PDF upload, as well as the ability to take a photo of a patient or a document and upload them with ease
  • secure, safe and encrypted data
  • packed with features such as copy notes, signing off, filing, categorising and storing notes
  • free support and introductory training.


  • no API/integration with existing practice management software
  • no diary or billing system
  • no android version yet.

Cliniknote is a complete and flexible note taking solution using the iPad and pen to record clinical records allowing you to maximise user and patient experience while at the same time saving you time and money. Your practice, your way.


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