New physio board appointments


The new Physiotherapy Board of Australia Chair, Adjunct Associate Professor Kim Gibson, APAM, says she is ‘delighted that one of my first actions as chair is being able to speak to readers of InMotion.’

As well as Kim being appointed the new chair for a three-year term until 2 October 2021, the membership of the Board has also changed. On 2 October 2018, health ministers appointed four new, and eight returning, members to the Board, welcoming new members Sheila Lennon, Paula Harding, Kate Waterford and Sally Adamson. Kim says ‘I know I can speak on behalf of the rest of the Board when I say we are all looking forward to bringing our collective experience and skills to the Board.

‘Some of you might ask what being the chair of the Physiotherapy Board means. That is a good and important question. I ask myself the same question all the time to make sure our purpose is foremost in my mind. For me and other members of the Board it means being an effective risk- based regulator by always endeavouring to make the best decisions we can so that the public are protected,’ she says.

The Board works together with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to administer the National Accreditation and Registration Scheme (the National Scheme) under legislation called the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (the National Law). The National Law provides a regulatory framework for the accreditation and registration of physiotherapists and other health practitioners from health professions that are part of the National Scheme. The standards, codes and guidelines we produce as a Board, guide you as practitioners to help patients be safe when they receive healthcare services.

Kim says she is ‘excited to have the opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience in my role as chair.’ Passionate about safety and quality in healthcare and the need to strive to do zero harm to patients and clients, she believes regulation is just one important way to achieve that. She is also passionate about teamwork and considers it her role to ensure that the wealth of experience and expertise around the Board table is put to optimal use.

‘Reflecting on the last few years as a regulator, it is pleasing to see very low rates of complaints against physiotherapists as they are well educated, well qualified and well respected in the Australian community. I am keen to see that the Board continues to be an active participant and proactive collaborator in the ongoing improvements to our regulation of the health professions through the National Scheme,’ she says.

‘As I take on the role of Chair, and enter into my third term as the Western Australia practitioner member, I look forward to leading the Board on the path set so ably by my predecessors. It is a big responsibility but a real privilege to be asked to lead this Board in its work. I hope that all my experience will stand me in good stead as we embark on greater engagement with physiotherapists and other stakeholders across Australia.’ Members appointed and/or reappointed by ministers are:

  • Kim Gibson, Chair, practitioner member, Western Australia
  • Sally Adamson, practitioner member, Northern Territory
  • Jenny Blake, community member
  • David Cross, practitioner member, New South Wales
  • Lyn Green, community member
  • Paula Harding, practitioner member, Victoria
  • Cherie Hearn, practitioner member, Queensland
  • Sheila Lennon, practitioner member, South Australia
  • Peter Kerr, community member
  • Libby Trickett, practitioner member, ACT
  • Kate Waterford, community member.

Visit the Board’s website to read your registration standards, codes, guidelines and FAQ, or call AHPRA on 1300 419 495. You can also submit an online enquiry by clicking here


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