Perfecting the plank


Barry Nguyen, APAM, reviews an app with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) designed to provide real time feedback while performing a plank. 


Developer: Exer Labs, Inc 

Get it: Apple app store  

Price: Free 

Perfect Plank by Exer truly gives you a taste of what it is to be a part of the digital health world—at least when it comes to the application of AI and smartphones for consumers.

This app leverages the use of AI and existing smartphone technology to provide real time audio feedback to give you confidence and motivation to perform a workout.

The company claims it is a result of analysing ‘thousands of athletes in motion and the millions of movements they made’.

The app is currently limited to plank exercises, but comes with privacy features built in which promise your data will stay on your phone and never be sent to the cloud.

It uses your phone’s camera, coupled with the AI, to provide the movements you perform with real time audio feedback, rep counting, and workout summaries with many more features to come.

With their mission statement ‘move, train and play better’, we will be looking forward to Exer’s next ‘physical therapy’ product launch soon. 


  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • An accurate and clear AI coach
  • No hardware required, just your Apple device
  • Your data stays on your phone and is not sent to third parties or offshore.


  • Limited only to plank exercises
  • Does not currently work on Android devices
  • Your data stays on your phone and is not sent to third parties or to the cloud. 


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