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Here is an app that is useful for busy clinicians who face challenges accessing the internet or computer.


Developer: Physiopedia Plus Limited Where to get it: GooglePlay store or Apple app store

Price: Free or US$0.99 monthly subscription for the premium version

The Physiopedia app claims to be the ultimate reference tool for physiotherapists.

The app re-organises the knowledge from one of the largest and most popular physiotherapy-related websites into your pocket via a mobile app to help support you clinically on the fly. 

The app provides an easy-to-use and slick interface to search articles of interest free.

The ‘native’ app enhances the experience you would traditionally feel on the Physiopedia website, which is ideal for a busy clinical environment.

Categorising the articles into favourites can be done with a low monthly subscription fee. The paid offline mode is a useful feature if you do not temporarily have access to the internet.

The Physiopedia app is a useful digital resource to support physiotherapists clinically, who are working in busy environments where they may have challenges accessing the internet or a desktop computer. 


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • More convenient to use compared to the website
  • Offline mode can be useful when there is no access to the internet
  • The paid subscription version is inexpensive 
  • Content library developed for physiotherapists is regularly updated.


  • Does not curate content from other reputable physiotherapy resources
  • Heavily text-rich, with only occasional videos and images. 


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