Protect yourself from the pitfalls

A balloon drifts slowly downwards towards the spikes of a very nasty looking cactus.

Protect yourself from the pitfalls

A balloon drifts slowly downwards towards the spikes of a very nasty looking cactus.

APA insurance partner BMS discusses the common areas of risk for business owners, and how business insurance could help protect your clinic.

While running your own physiotherapy clinic can be exciting, it can also involve a range of responsibilities. 

From building a reputation, to managing staff and equipment, growing your own business is ongoing work. 

When you have worked hard to grow your business, the last thing you want is an interruption to hinder its progress.

What are the common areas of risk?

There is a range of risks that your business could potentially face; however, some of the common areas include:
•    property damage
•    equipment breakdown
•    theft and/or break-ins.

Imagine you receive an urgent phone call. The building where your clinic is located experienced damage due to a fire that broke out in a neighbouring business.

As a result, your clinic will be closed for an undetermined amount of time. What would you do?

Property damage

If your business’ property is damaged, for example, from a fire or pipe bursting, this can prevent your business from operating as usual. 

Property damage, particularly when it involves water damage, can be costly. 

BMS claims data for 2021 found these types of claims to be the highest among business insurance claims.*

For example, one business saw significant damages after a water pipe burst and affected both its property and a neighbouring property, resulting in losses exceeding $200,000.

This type of situation can result in various expenses, including:
•    costs of repairing pipes and other systems
•    replacement of damaged items or equipment
•    clean up and removal of debris
•    business interruption costs.

Equipment breakdown

Equipment breakdown is another common area of risk. 

If an ultrasound machine breaks down at your clinic, could you easily replace it or cover the cost of repair? 

When you rely on equipment to operate, whether that be stationary bikes or your computer system, an unexpected breakdown could lead to downtime and lost revenue. 

It may require you to cover the costs of replacement or repair and hire temporary substitute equipment.

Theft and break-ins

Unfortunately, theft and business property break-ins happen. 

According to the 2022 Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Study, external theft accounted for $2.29 billion dollars in retail business losses in 2021–2022. 

While a physiotherapy clinic is not a retail store, you may hold valuable equipment or sell high-value products that would be an attractive target for theft. 

If your clinic experiences a break-in, you could lose valuable inventory, equipment or other assets. It could also come with additional costs. For example, the cost to replace a broken window, changing locks or replacing keys.

How could business insurance respond?

In these situations, business insurance can respond to support your physiotherapy clinic for the risks mentioned above.

The policy could cover losses due to business interruption, the repair and replacement of damaged property, business equipment and more. 

Check the details of your policy wording or speak to your insurer.

If you are part of the APA Member Insurance Program, you have access to additional cover with BMS, including business insurance. For more information, visit the APA insurance page or speak to a BMS broker at

*The information above regarding property damage is based on BMS’s claims data for the year 2021.


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