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The PRF Grants Review Committee has five new members, and one of them, Verity Pacey, talks to Skye Mitchell about her new appointment.

Verity Pacey has over 15 years’ experience as a clinical physiotherapist, with an abundance of knowledge and experience in paediatric physiotherapy. Having completed her PhD in 2014, the associate professor and head of the Department of Health Professions within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University focuses her research primarily on physical activity, function and the quality of life of children with congenital physical disorders, such as spina bifida, arthrogryposis and brittle bones.

She has worked with physiotherapists from around the world putting together best practice guidelines for these rarer conditions. ‘My two main areas of interest surround connective tissue disorders in children; so, hypermobility disorders and skeletal dysplasias,’ Verity says.

‘I’m looking forward to being able to give feedback to grant applicants so that they can improve their work in the future.’

Verity applied to join the PRF Grants Review Committee because she is passionate about clinicians engaging in research and supporting researchers when they are starting out.

‘I felt as though I was at a point where I had the skills to contribute to reviewing and trying to support both the APA and the new researchers, and I’m looking forward to being able to give feedback to grant applicants so that they can improve their work in the future.’’

While supervising students and clinicians undertaking higher degree research, it is Verity’s experience as a professional practitioner that underpins her teaching philosophy and research objectives.

‘I think there are lots of physios out there with great ideas, but actually undertaking research when you’re busy clinically can be really hard to get up and get going. Sometimes, even in the academic world, you just need a small amount of money to kick start what you’re trying to do.’

Other new members of the PRF Grant Review Committee

Professor Suzanne Kuys is an APA Neurological Physiotherapist and the national head of the School of Allied Health, Australian Catholic University. Her research focuses on rehabilitation of people following stroke across the continuum of care. Suzanne is interested in optimising rehabilitation outcomes, particularly in gait rehabilitation, to maximise physical activity and participation within the community.

Dr Adam Culvenor is an NHMRC research fellow at La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre. His research focuses on the prevention and management of knee injuries and osteoarthritis over the lifespan.

Dr Jenny Setchell is an NHRMC research fellow at The University of Queensland with research interests in bringing the social science into physiotherapy, and encompass the psychosocial, cultural, political and ethical aspects of healthcare. She is recognised for her expertise in qualitative and knowledge translation methodologies.

Associate Professor Gavin Williams is a Fellow of the Australian College of Physotherapists who has worked in neurological rehabilitation for over 25 years. He works clinically in a neurological rehabilitation unit and in a research role focusing on the assessment, classification and treatment of mobility limitations for people with neurological conditions.

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