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Shift in focus

Shift in focus

APP REVIEW APA Digital Health Advisor Barry Nguyen takes a look at a locum management option for healthcare clinics and professionals.


Developer: Med Estate Pty Ltd

Get it: App Store and Google Play

Price: Free


  • simple to sign up and use

  • full transparency of locum fees

  • can build your reputation through a rating system.


  • relative low number of job listings as the company is in its early stages

  • uncertainty around how much it costs an employer or agency to list

  • not well known yet in the physiotherapy industry

The Lokko app allows those working in clinics and recruitment agencies to manage their in-house and external teams from their phone. It is perfect for both high-volume and one-off availability. If you need to fill temporary or even full-time positions, you simply add a shift and wait for a suitable physiotherapist to apply.


For physiotherapy practitioners, Lokko makes it easier to find work and travel at the same time. It can also be used to subsidise part-time or full-time work, giving you the flexibility to pick up shifts when it suits.

The app allows you to build your ratings and reputation to get more shifts or increase your rate. You can also upload your credentials and store them all in the one place, making it a hassle-free process for both you and the clinic.

Lokko is an app purpose built for the physiotherapy industry to lower the cost and streamline the process of finding and filling locum shifts.


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