A tool to assist in patient analysis


APA Innovation Advisor Barry Nguyen reviews a useful gait analysis app, which helps physiotherapists examine how a patient walks.


Developer: Rachael Walton-Mouw
Get it: Apple app store or Google Play store
Price: $1.49

The Gait Speed mobile app is a functional measurement that can be used by physiotherapists to analyse a patient’s safety, confidence, and effectiveness in walking. The app features a timer, which a physiotherapist can start and stop at pre-determined gait distances and collect multiple time trials while assessing your patient’s walking.

A patient’s results can be saved on a history page with a time stamp to allow for easy identification and access, or you can save with a password in the physiotherapy information section. Although all patient data is stored in the cloud, it may not be secure.


  • useful in geriatric or neurological rehabilitation environment
  • easy to use timer—use ‘eyes free’ external volume buttons or large simple button on screen to start and stop
  • customisable distance in metres or feet
  • option for password protection
  • able to manage and export patient data.


  • pre-set gait distances do not include 10 metres, only 10 feet
  • the data is saved in the cloud.
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