What physiotherapy looks like in 2020


The latest statistics from the Physiotherapy Board of Australia give insight into the makeup of a physiotherapist in 2020 and how this helps to inform board activities.

Recent registrant data from the Physiotherapy Board of the Australia shows that as of 31 January there are 35,290 registered physiotherapists in Australia. That’s 1500 new practitioners since the end of June 2019. The majority work in New South Wales, 29 per cent, followed by Victoria, 25 per cent. Less than 1 per cent of all registrants work in the Northern Territory, while 1.5 per cent practise in Tasmania.

Physiotherapy continues to be a female-dominated workforce, at 66 per cent, with the majority of registrants aged 25–40. Of these, more than 7000 physiotherapists are aged 25–29. What does this mean?

Board chair Kim Gibson says ‘it is so important to understand the makeup of Australia’s registered physiotherapists so the Board can best communicate and support practitioners as they deliver care to the public. We want to make it easy for practitioners to get the information they need from the Board to practise safely.

‘Understanding the mostly younger workforce helps us cater our messages about regulation to this audience as well as the way we deliver this information with a growing focus on electronic and social media. Our successful CPD webinar reinforced this and we look forward to doing more in this area in 2020.

‘It is also very inspiring to see more than 2700 physiotherapists over 60, including 252 over 70 with one still practising in their 80s. It is important this group also remains informed and connected to the Board.’

The Board will be hosting a ‘recency of practice’ and ‘return to practice’ webinar in 2020. The 2019 webinar is still available to view via the website tinyurl.com/svn4mtl.

Visit the Board’s website at physiotherapyboard.gov.au for more information and useful tips to help you understand and meet your obligations.


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