Apply now - 2025 APA Grants Review Committee

people around a table

Apply now - 2025 APA Grants Review Committee

people around a table

Are you passionate about advancing your research career and networking with fellow professionals?  Do you want to help shape the evidence base of the profession? Then apply to join the APA Grants Review Committee (GRC).  

Applications close Sunday 25 August 2024.  

About the GRC role

The GRC is a newly formed advisory Committee of the APA Board of Directors and the Pat Cosh Trust (PCT).  Its primary role is to review the merits of research grant applications submitted to the Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) and PCT and to make recommendations on grant allocations.  Membership will include current eligible members of the PRF GRC.  

Responsibilities of the GRC members include:
  • Evaluation of research grants including PRF Seeding Grants, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Grants and PCT Annual and Strategic Grants.  Please note that members are not expected to review applications from all these streams.  Members will have the opportunity to nominate their preferred grant round(s), with the expectation of a minimum of one round per annum.   
  • Nominating and inviting independent assessors to review grant applications relevant to their area of expertise as required.   
  • Making recommendations on grant allocations for the consideration of the APA Board of Directors and PCT Trustees.  
  • Providing feedback on progress reports submitted by recipients.   
  • Providing advice on APA research partnership proposal requests (as required).  

The normal term of office for members of the GRC is three years commencing on 01 January of the year immediately following their appointment and ending on 31 December of the third year, with the option to serve another term of three years.  

Apply for GRC position

To be eligible to join the GRC you must be a current financial member of the APA, hold a post graduate qualification as well as experience in conducting, supervising and / or reviewing research relating to physiotherapy.

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Early Career Research (ECR) Fellow

There is also the opportunity to apply for an Early Career Research (ECR) Fellow position on the GRC.  This is a wonderful professional development opportunity for an emerging researcher.

Apply for ECR position

To be eligible for this position, you must be within five years of PhD award (taking career disruption into account) and be a current financial member of the APA.

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Please contact Jenine Fleming, Research Adviser, for further details