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Evidence based practice is the core of what we do. From management of lower back pain to stroke rehabilitation, advances in the treatment of physical conditions are largely informed by clinical research. Our dedication to a strong scientific evidence base enables practising APA physiotherapists to adopt the latest, safest and most effective techniques when providing care and treatment. Our strategy is threefold—our PRF grants foster emerging and current research, the Journal of Physiotherapy provides a stable platform on which to publish and promote world-class research and our dedicated research portals—exclusive to all our members—bring evidence to your inbox.
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The perceptions and experiences of children with lymphoedema and their families

Grant recipient: Nicholas Henschke

Project title: The perceptions and experiences of children with lymphoedema and their families.

Year awarded: 2011

PRF grant: Tagged grant - Lymphoedema Association of Western Australia Research Grant

Persistent low back pain

Understanding the relationship between contributing factors and low back pain

Grant recipient: Kevin Wernli, APAM

Project title: Does changing movement matter? Understanding the relationship between changes in movement, pain, activity limitation and psychological factors in persistent low back pain

Year awarded: 2017

PRF grant: Project Grant

Graduate workplace readiness

Enhancing the readiness of new graduate physiotherapists for private practice

Cherie Wells, APAM

Project title: Enhancing the readiness of new graduate physiotherapists for private practice: Academic, employer, and graduate perspectives

Year awarded: 2015

PRF grant: Tagged Grant


Respiratory physiotherapy and intensive care

Grant recipient: Shane Patman, FACP

Project title: The effect of physiotherapy on the prevention and treatment of nosocomial pneumonia for intensive care patients with acquired brain injury

Year awarded: 2001

PRF grant: Seeding Grant


Standards for physios in critical care

Grant recipient: Shane Patman, FACP

Project title:  Establishing evidence-based minimum standards of practice expected for physiotherapists working within critical care in Australia and New Zealand.

Year awarded: 2012

PRF grant: Tagged Grant

OA clinical care standard

Promoting non-treatment physical activity in physio practice

Grant recipient: Breanne Kunstler, APAM

Project title: Discovering the determinants of and the behaviour change techniques (BCTs) used when, promoting non-treatment physical activity (NTPA) in Australian physiotherapy practice.

Year awarded: 2016


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