Jaki Adams – Allyship at scale


How do you respond if a patient says something problematic or inappropriate? What happens if someone's needs are different from the service you're offering?

In Episode 4, Cameron speaks with Jaki Adams, Director of Social Justice and Regional Engagement at the Fred Hollows Foundation. They talk about allyship, the history of the Fred Hollows Foundation, its involvement in First Nations health and Jaki's amazing career. They explore the importance of the type of language physios use with patients. Also, the first poem ever read on The Deadly Physios!


Dr. Ngaree Blow – Understand your role as an Ally


Can physiotherapy help drive systemic change in healthcare? What does an ideal healthcare system look like from a First Nations perspective? What is an ally’s role in achieving that?

In episode 3 Cameron is joined by Dr. Ngaree Blow, who is the Director of the Wurru Wurru Health Unit (First Nations Health) for medical education at the University of Melbourne and a public health physician.


Dawn Bessarab and Ivan Lin – Allyship in Research


What is clinical yarning? When is it appropriate to use? What does allyship look like in research?

In episode two, Cameron has a fascinating conversation with Professor Dawn Bessarab and Dr Ivan Lin about their work on clinical yarning. They discuss building relationships, conducting research and a person centred approach to finding out someone’s story and experience.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners are warned that the following episode may contain the names and voices of people who are deceased.


Nick Kenny and Matt Hoffman – How to be a genuine ally


How can you be a genuine ally? Is there coming back from a negative first impression? Where is Groote Eylandt?

In the first episode of Season 3, Cameron sits down with former Brisbane Broncos player and physiotherapy director Nick Kenny APAM, alongside his friend, colleague and a Deadly Physios favourite, Matt Hoffman APAM. Join them as they explore the inextricable link between cultural safety and the quality of healthcare provided by practitioners, as well as how to show genuine allyship.


Inclusive and respectful communication with the LGBTQIA+ community


Evidence suggests that practitioners adopting inclusive and respectful communications can improve engagement and the health and wellbeing outcomes of LGBTQIA+ people.


Graduate success


Our rapidly changing healthcare sector is the largest employing industry in Australia. It requires a balance between the needs of the graduates, the expectations of employers and the demands of the sector.


Workforce challenges


Sustained workforce pressure in the physiotherapy sector is likely over the coming years, driven by changing demographics and government policy developments.


Pain and virtual reality


While not yet mainstream, virtual reality for pain relief is gaining support as a promising therapy and may become a prescribed activity in the future for people with chronic pain.

In this episode, Erin MacIntyre physiotherapist and PhD candidate at the University of South Australia, and Tim Austin, a Specialist Pain Physiotherapist working in primary and secondary healthcare in Sydney, are discussing the clinical effectiveness of a novel physiotherapy VR intervention that has direct relevance for Physiotherapy Practice.


Health and environment


Our health, the environment and biodiversity are interconnected. The ‘One Health’ concept is an integrated, unifying approach to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals and the environment.


Osteoarthritis. Myths and Facts.


More than 60,000 knee replacement surgeries were performed in Australia during 2020. So, are they all really necessary?