The benefits of support and fellowship

rainbow stick figures

The benefits of support and fellowship

rainbow stick figures

In less than a month, you will be asked to renew your membership with the APA. We hope this will be an easy decision and that you’ll rejoin the growing number of physiotherapists who call themselves members.

What’s in store for 2024? It’s a little early for a full overview but here are some things you can expect.

Being a member of the Australian College of Physiotherapists will be more attractive than ever. 

You must be an APA Titled physiotherapist or a Fellow (through specialisation or original contribution) to be eligible for membership. 

Membership of the College signals a commitment to lifelong learning and best practice in our profession, while Fellowship is recognised as the pinnacle of achievement in physiotherapy.

Next year, Titled Members and Fellows of the College will enjoy a range of new benefits. 

We understand that third-party funders and consumers have trouble understanding what a Titled Member or Fellow of the College does, how they differ from and complement non-members of the College and what their role in the health system should be. 

There is much work to be done to educate and inform consumers and funders about the skills and expertise these physiotherapists have.

College members can also expect member-only professional development and networking events suited to their needs, a range of marketing assets that they can use on social media and other communications to denote their status as a Titled Member or Fellow of the College and a number of other benefits.

Beyond the College, we are also exploring tools and resources to support members’ careers and practice. 

Under consideration are career guidance tools to help members, especially those with fewer than seven years of practice, understand their career options and the steps they need to take to create the journey that’s right for them. 

We’re also pleased to offer our Business group members a discounted accounting service, which includes a complimentary consultation.

Although member Facebook groups will continue to be used for peer-to-peer conversations for a while longer, we are increasingly worried about the privacy and data collection issues inherent in this platform. 

So we’re exploring more secure options that enable meaningful exchange between peers as well as creating opportunities for multi-way conversations between the APA and its members. 

An APA app is also likely to be in our future. 

We hope that this will allow for the reduction of email communications from us to you.

The APA member extras program will continue, alongside many longstanding benefits. 

Member extras provide discounts and great deals for members on a wide range of goods and services—from cars to whitegoods, sporting apparel and gift cards—yet too few members know about it. 

Visit here to inform yourself of all that is on offer through your APA membership.

Underpinning all of this will be the tenacious and wideranging advocacy, quality professional development and consumer outreach that you’ve come to expect of your professional peak body. 

Anja Nikolic APA Chief Executive Officer

In 2024 we will focus on protecting and advancing the position of physiotherapists in the health system, driving Medicare reform and delivering new patient pathways.

For the second year in a row, we will not be increasing membership fees, despite rising costs. 

We recognise that interest rate hikes, labour market disruptions and increasing rental costs are putting many of you under financial pressure. 

We will absorb the professional indemnity insurance premium increases while offering a best-in-market insurance product.

We hope that when the time comes, you will choose to renew your membership with the APA as one of the many physiotherapists who are proud to call themselves members.

>>Anja Nikolic APA Chief Executive Officer

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