Membership Benefits

We are committed to the professional excellence and career success of our members, and that includes delivering outstanding value to all our members, wherever they are along their career journeys.
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Membership benefits


Professional development

Members receive exclusive discounts and access to free professional development. APA PD includes online and face-to-face learning, monthly eTalks and our ever popular lectures. 

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Some membership categories include PII that is compliant with registration requirements, as well as including some seriously good add-ons.

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National groups

APA special interest National Groups are networks of members with a shared interest in a specific practice area. Members received access to group-specific news and updates, publications and events, and peer-run Facebook groups. 

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News and publications

Receive the latest and greatest information, news and updates about the profession's most important topics including advocacy, research, professional development and jobs.

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Connect with other APA members, explore issues and concerns in a supportive relationship, learn from the real-life experience of other physios, and give back to the profession by making a difference to someone else's life. 

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Tools, resources and support

Gain access to exclusive member tools, resources and support, including information portals for various areas of practice, research databases, business tools, mental health resources and access to the member support team. 

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Rewards, awards and recognition

We take great delights in rewarding, awarding and recognising our members. As well as various excellence grads, APA holds annual milestone celebrations to recognise the loyalty and commitment of out long-term members. 

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APA member extras

Access exclusive discounts on a wide range of products and services, including car hire, accommodation, electrical, movie tickets, theme parks and attractions, gift cards, camping gear and sporting apparel.

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Partner hub

Exclusive member access to discounts and special pricing from a variety of organisations. Partners include ASICS, Sleepmaker, Qantas, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, and Elastoplast – just to name a few. 

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