Facing the challenges head on

Facing the challenges head on

Facing the challenges head on

Facing the challenges head on

The National Advisory Committee (NAC) of the APA met in Sydney at the end of March—and what a way to kick-start 2021 and a new-look leadership group.

The APA is in good hands with all groups represented by enthusiastic and positively engaged members.

The meeting was the first time in more than a year that the NAC had come together face-to-face, and there is a lot of collaboration, cross-pollination, passion, innovation and relationship-building taking place for the betterment of the profession.

The vibe and feel within the room was electric.

The NAC meeting is an important forum to discuss professional issues, push strategic initiatives and advise and communicate to the APA Board of Directors on all matters impacting the Association and the profession.

I would like to thank Richard Newsham-West for his tireless work as past NAC chair, and I congratulate Cath Willis, the incoming chair.

Cath has continued the momentum in guiding and enhancing the experience our engaged members have at a leadership level.

I also want to thank immediate past president Phil Calvert and Christian Barton who are assisting the APA on the Primary Health Reform Steering and National Preventative Health Strategy committees respectively.

And thanks also to our engaged members and staff who are giving up valuable time providing specific advice, recommendations, patient stories and valuable insight into all of the unfolding reviews we are participating in.

Speaking of which, the health system is undergoing reviews, commission hearings, funding reforms and restructure.

Allied health is at a point that it can influence these reviews with tangible changes, contributions, additions, efficiencies and leadership opportunities within the current and future climates.

If you look at the policy reviews we are involved in, one can only get excited:

  • Primary Health Reform Steering Committee review

  • National Preventative Health strategy review

  • NDIS Commission review

  • National Safety and Quality Primary Health Care Standards review

  • Aged Care Royal Commission hearing and report

  • national and state COVID-19-related reviews

  • National Pain Strategy

  • mental health submission

  • national pre-Budget submission

  • Low Back Pain Clinical Care Standards

  • post-COVID-19 rehabilitation

  • primary health network engagement

  • private health insurance engagement

  • world physiotherapy interaction and engagement

  • Close the Gap report

  • Medicare Benefits Funds review

  • continued compensable reviews.

The APA released the Value of Physiotherapy in Australia report at the end of March, and I urge you all to read the full report, look at the infographics, start conversations with consumers, funders and your local Member of Parliament.

This report demonstrates the true economic value and quality of life improvements to the individual consumer. It is the missing link for our policy work, and it value adds to our great research, literature and outcomes.

We will use this document with every single engagement mentioned above, to advance our influence on the health ecosystem.

Click here for more details. Please stay safe and keep well.


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