Final words of appreciation: my thanks to you all


Serving as APA national president has been one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences of my life. The last four years has flown by, and I’m so happy we have achieved so much together as a profession and an association.

I wanted to use this final First Word to say thank you to the many people who have been so integral during this time.

First and foremost to my family, specifically my wife Marni and her unwavering support.

As president I have been away from home regularly, and this hasn’t been easy on Marni or our girls. I am extremely grateful for the tremendous support of my immediate and broader family to take on this amazing role.

Our staff has been led superbly by Anja Nikolic and her executive team.

Anja, or ‘The Chief’ as she has become affectionately known, took over the role from Cris Massis in 2019. As a first-time CEO, she could not have led us better.

With Craig Maltman, James Fitzpatrick, Elles Vanderkley, Sharon Oliver, Leanne Kerr and Simon Tatz, Anja continues to position our profession as a health peak leader.

Our staff, located across the country, continue to represent, work for and support us in maximising our role in the health system. I genuinely and sincerely thank all of you for your efforts.

I have been privileged to work with many talented people on our Board of Directors.

I am unable to list them all. But there has been one consistent value they have all demonstrated: a clear dedication to making our profession the best it can be.

During my time as national president, I have been fortunate to have been supported so well by Professor Darren Rivett and Jenny Aiken as vice presidents.

Professor Rivett has had a long and committed period of service at the APA including as chair of the Musculoskeletal Group and as a Board director. I thank him sincerely.

Likewise to the new leadership team of Jenny Aiken, Scott Willis, Mark Round and Rik Dawson—a sincere thank you for your support and for taking on these roles in 2021 and beyond.

There are so many APA members who have provided guidance, support and encouragement. Again, I am unable to list you all. I will be eternally grateful, and know that you will continue to support our great profession and Association.

An important acknowledgement also to all of my work colleagues at Children’s Physio SA, including my business partner Karen Schubert, APAM, and practice manager Jess Lambert.

I know that this period has not been easy for our business, and I am incredibly appreciative of your patience and support.

The future of our profession and of our APA is bright. We need all of you to join, play an active part and help us continue to build our influence.

I am so proud of the many advocacy wins we have delivered for the profession, and I am confident our success will continue to grow.

Thank you to every one of you for your role in helping our profession keep Australia moving and giving as many Australians as possible the ability to ‘Choose Physio’.

My very best wishes to you, your families, friends and work colleagues for a safe, healthy and happy holiday period ahead.


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