Pain sensitivity – Collection

Collection of pain covers

Pain sensitivity – Collection

Collection of pain covers

Welcome to our clinical collection on pain sensitivity.

Throughout this series, we will delve into the intricacies of pain perception and its profound implications for patient care.

Join Darren Beales FACP and Tim Mitchell FACP as they explore real-world scenarios and evidence-based insights that will empower you to optimise treatment strategies.

Watch our animated videos for an overview of pain sensitivity.


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What is pain sensitivity and why does it matter?

Our reforms focus on removing barriers and delivering efficient and cost-effective physiotherapy care for the people most in need.

Primary care

Recognising pain sensitivity in the clinic

Pain sensitivity may alter a person’s response to treatment, can help patients make sense of their own conditions, could be used for subgrouping people and might provide insight into a patient’s prognosis. 


Pain sensitivity and the physical examination

Looking at the patient interview through a pain sensitivity lens. This process helps determine whether pain sensitivity is less or more likely to be a priority for the physical examination. Now we arrive at the examination itself.

Physical therapy classroom

Clinical reasoning and pain sensitivity

Here we discuss the whole-person perspective, followed by making sense of pain features. We then present a simple method for prioritising pain sensitivity in treatment planning.

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Untangling pain sensitivity management

Pain sensitivity management isn’t easy but it’s important to get it right. The approach a physiotherapist takes to managing pain sensitivity has a significant impact on their patient’s understanding of their own condition and on the effectiveness of any treatments prescribed.

Primary care

Tailored approaches to pain sensitivity

There is no recipe for the management of people whose pain sensitivity makes a significant contribution to their presentation. But that’s okay because this is what makes our job interesting and rewarding.


Pain Sensitivity – FAQs

In final instalment of our series on pain sensitivity, Darren Beales FACP and Tim Mitchell FACP address some frequently asked questions from readers.


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