Resolutions and mutual goals

an illustration of a man on a ladder watering a plant growing out of a head

Resolutions and mutual goals

an illustration of a man on a ladder watering a plant growing out of a head

Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope that 2023 brings joy, good health, professional advancement and minimal disruption to our lives across the world.

A new year usually prompts us to consider our priorities and set new personal and professional goals.

We start this year with some new faces on the leadership team.

Mark Round is stepping in as chair of the APA Board of Directors after Jenny Aiken’s retirement from the Board, Peter Tziavrangos joins Rik Dawson as national vice presidents and Melissa McConaghy has been elected to the Board as a member director, filling the vacant position.

I look forward to working with these directors to ensure that the APA continues to hold a strong position within the health sector, both domestically and internationally.

To the new engaged members in our special interest groups, branch councils and other entities within the APA, your commitment and dedication do not go unnoticed.

I also look forward to meeting you all over the coming 12 months and assisting you in your journey and development within the profession.

Thank you for taking time away from your workplaces, families and loved ones to help us pursue our strategic goals for the Association and for the future of physiotherapy.

My vision for the profession in 2023 is to see genuine progress in healthcare reform. 

We have put forward models of care in which physiotherapy plays a significant part, to the measurable benefit of patients, the health system and society as a whole.

I would like to see our funders, governments, departments, consumers and we ourselves truly value the essential service that we deliver to our local communities.

Late last year I had the pleasure of ringing two APA members to tell them that they had won the 2022 APA Mentor and Mentee of the Year Awards in our inaugural mentoring programs.

They were both absolutely surprised and it was humbling to hear how impressed they were with the program and that they are willing to participate again in the future.

The Mentor of the Year was Douglas Coleman APAM, a long- time New South Wales member. 

He described the satisfaction of watching his mentee grow in confidence and improve in clinical reasoning and communication over the course of their professional connection.

Beyond this, Douglas was conscious of making a contribution through the mentoring program and adding value to a profession that has been so good to him throughout a great career.

The Mentee of the Year was Jennifer Lohmus APAM, a fourth- year graduate from Victoria. 

Jennifer reported a significant improvement in her decision-making and confidence after taking part in the program.

She is now in the process of working towards titling in sports and exercise physiotherapy.

Jennifer plans to become a mentor in the future and looks forward to helping other early-career APA members grow professionally and follow their chosen career pathways.

On a final note, COVID-19 has continued to affect our lives over the festive period and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. 

So take care of each other, continue to provide that essential service to our communities and stay safe.


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