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APA Professional Development Terms and Conditions


Online registration is the simplest way to secure a place at an APA course or event.  If unable to register online for any reason, please contact the APA Branch office in the state that the event is being held.

Registration will not be accepted without payment.  Places are allocated according to the date that payment are received by the Australian Physiotherapy Association ('APA'), unless otherwise stated. (Information concerning remaining places in any event activity does not guarantee a place, as that information is subject to continual change).

For events (all professional development activities) where the registration fee is greater than AUD$2,000, a payment plan can be adopted as follows:

  • 50% deposit to secure booking
  • 25% not less than two months prior to the event commencement
  • final 25% is required not less than one month prior to the event commencement.

Confirmation of event proceeding

The APA will always make best endeavours to proceed with an event as advertised. Please note however that an event is not confirmed as proceeding until registrants have been sent confirmation notification in writing from the APA. In most cases, registrations close 2 (two) weeks prior to event commencement date and, with the exception of extenuating circumstances, events should be confirmed or cancelled not less than 2 (two) weeks prior to event commencement date.

Lectures: Please note that the 2 (two) week registration closing period does not apply to lectures and they are considered as proceeding at the time of registration. Reminders for lectures are sent in the days prior to the lecture. If, in the unfortunate event that a lecture needs to be cancelled, registrants will be notified as soon as practicable.

Travelling: If a registrant is travelling significant distances or interstate to attend an APA event, we strongly recommend that travel and accommodation is not booked until the event has been confirmed as per above. In the instance that an event is cancelled by the APA, registration fees are fully refundable or transferrable to another APA available event, however the APA is not responsible for a participant’s other associated expenses with attending an APA event.

Cancellation of course registration due to COVID conditions

The APA will offer a refund of the course registration fee to a course registrant if the reason for cancellation is due to COVID related government imposed border closures, lockdowns and quarantining requirements that are in place at the time of the cancellation, and/or if the registrant has COVID related symptoms.

This policy pertains to course registration fees only. The APA will not reimburse any travel/accommodation related expenses incurred by registrants who intend to/need to travel to attend a course, regardless of the COVID situation.

NOTE: The standard APA course cancellation terms apply to registration cancellations due to a reason relating to an individual’s workplace travel policies. Therefore, it is the responsibility of course registrants to be aware of any travel policies or restrictions imposed by their own workplaces and assume responsibility for their APA course registrations accordingly.


As the COVID situation continues to change in Australia, this special policy will be periodically reviewed and is subject to change/cease at any time at the discretion of the APA. The next review is anticipated in July 2021.

All course registrations will be subjected to the terms of any special cancellation policy that is in place at the time the registration was completed, even if the course registration is for a course scheduled in the future*. Otherwise the standard PD terms and conditions apply.

*until 17 December 2021.

Cancellation of events by the APA

The APA reserves the right to cancel or change an event activity to an alternative date. As such:

  • the APA will notify those who have already registered for that particular event of the cancellation or change of date usually not less than 2 (two) weeks prior the event commencement date.
  • in the situation of an event being cancelled or postponed/transferred to an alternative date, registrants will have the option to receive a full refund of their registration fee or transfer the registration fee to another available APA event.

Registration cancellation by participant

  • A participant may substitute their registration to another eligible person at any time.
  • A participant may apply for a refund of registration monies paid in line with the following timelines:
    - Until event registration closing date: A full refund of registration monies may be honoured
    - Between the event registration close date and 7 (seven) calendar days prior to the event commencement date: A refund of monies paid (less a 20% cancellation fee) may be honoured
    - From 7 (seven) calendar days prior to and up to the event commencement date: No refund of registration monies paid will be provided. A participant may apply for a refund of registration monies with a supporting Medical Certificate. Each case will be assessed on its own merits and a refund is not guaranteed. Where a refund is granted, the APA will withhold 20% of the registration fee paid, as a cancellation fee.
  • Participants requesting a transfer or cancellation of their registration, must contact the Professional Development Officer in the state that the event is held. Transfer and cancellation requests must be received in writing.

Participant requirements

  • It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they meet any pre-requisites as stated in the PD event outline found on the APA website.
  • APA accredited courses are not available to students unless otherwise advertised. Students are able to register and attend APA lectures and PD events other than courses.
  • The APA requires that all participants hold current professional indemnity insurance that covers their participation in all professional development courses and workshops and other events, particularly those that include practical sessions.
  • For participants who are travelling interstate to attend an APA event, the APA suggests considering purchasing appropriate travel insurance (The APA recommend checking the policy terms and conditions to confirm what situations are covered).
  • APA membership must be current at the time of an APA event to receive the APA member or group member rates.

Participation in practical activities

  • Many APA events involve practical sessions, such as the demonstration and practising of physiotherapy techniques.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they follow all appropriate professional standards whilst conducting a practical activity.
  • Before being the subject of any demonstration or practical activity, it is the participant’s responsibility to inform any presenter, tutor, fellow participant or other relevant person of any medical condition(s) or other relevant information that may impact their participation in the practical/demonstration or render the demonstration/practical activity or any persons, unsafe.
  • Participation in the practical sessions of an APA event is at the participant’s risk.


  • By registering for any APA PD event, participants provide consent to the APA to use their comments/responses or any photographs/images taken of them for their publications and associated media and marketing channels; that is, appropriate use only for the everyday business of the APA. If a participant does not consent, it is their duty to inform the APA in writing.
  • By registering for any APA PD lecture, participants provide consent to the APA to capture their questions and comments/responses for possible APA Lecture on Demand recordings that may be published on APA’s online learning platform. If a participant does not consent, it is their duty to inform the APA in writing.
  • Participants are not permitted to take photos/video/audio recordings of any other subject (participants/presenter etc.) at an APA event (nor share them via social media or other channels) without their direct consent.

CPD hours and confirmation of attendance

Courses, workshops and masterclasses

  • Letters of attendance are provided at the completion of every course, workshop and masterclass. Replacement copies are available at $25 (includes postage and handling).
  • CPD hours will not be allocated to a member participant until all components of a course have been completed including any pre-course content (online or otherwise) and any post-course content or requirements.


  • Upon attendance at an APA lecture, CPD hours will be allocated to a member participant. Please note that letters of attendance are not provided for lectures.


The APA acknowledges and respects the privacy of its members and customers. The information provided by registering for an APA event is ‘personal information’ as defined by the Privacy Act 1988. The information is being collected by the APA and will be held by the APA. It may be given to service providers engaged by the APA. This information is being collected for the purpose of processing registrations for this event and keeping registrants/participants informed about other upcoming events. The provision of information is voluntary but if it is not provided the APA may not be able to process registrations. Registrants/participants have the right to access and alter personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles and the APA privacy policy, which is available to read at australian.physio. Please direct any enquiries in relation to this matter to our Privacy Officer who can be contacted on 03 9092 0888 or by email at privacy@australian.physio.


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