Research partnerships

Research partnerships

Research is the backbone of our profession and the APA has a long history of joining forces with academic institutions to strengthen the evidence base of physiotherapy. The APA supports and promotes research through the Physiotherapy Research Foundation, the Journal of Physiotherapy, the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (Pedro), the research portal, the Pat Cosh Trust, research commissioned by the APA, the promotion of members’ research projects and research translation activities.

Our research partners are conducting valuable and innovative work that will increase clinical knowledge to optimise outcomes for patients. This kind of work also underlines the vital role that physiotherapists play within the healthcare system.

At any point in time, the APA partners with several research projects by providing a mix of supports tailored to each project including APA’s endorsement, in-kind contributions, and cash contributions.

The APA has developed a Research Partnership Framework to streamline and assess research partnership applications from researchers and academic organisations.

APA's partnership can vary from endorsement through a letter of support, to collaborations involving in-kind contributions (promotion of surveys, participation in steering committees, etc.), to more sophisticated partnerships that may involve greater contributions from the APA (with a mix of cash and in-kind contributions).

It is recommended to contact the APA early – especially if the request forms part of a grant or funding application such as Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) or National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

How to apply for APA’s support to your research project:

  1. Read the Research Partnership Framework that includes eligibility and selection criteria.
  2. Download and complete the application form.
  3. Send your completed application form to

Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis against the eligibility and selection criteria, throughout the year. There is no deadline to apply, however please allow at least 20 business days for your application to be assessed. 

The APA endeavours to inform applicants of the outcome of their application in a timely manner.


Contact APA's Research partnership team.