Development of a 'readiness' and 'success' evaluation framework for models of care

Grant recipient: Andrew Briggs, FACP

Project title: Development of a 'readiness' and 'success' evaluation framework for Australian musculoskeletal models of care.

Year awarded: 2010

PRF grant: Tagged Grant

Snapshot: Andrew’s study was one part of a suite of policy-into-practice initiatives undertaken by his multidisciplinary group. The project aimed to examine workforce barriers and enablers to implementation of the Western Australian Model of Care for Inflammatory Arthritis.

The findings: Andrew and his team’s findings pointed to a high need for professional development in the area of rheumatoid arthritis. They subsequently developed an online, interactive learning tool, ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis for Physiotherapists – eLearning’ (RAP-eL) and tested its effectiveness in a randomised controlled trial. That trial demonstrated the resource to be well-accepted by clinicians and an effective tool in building confidence in disease-specific knowledge and evidence-based practice.

Benefits to the profession: In 2015 Andrew’s team was fortunate to receive grant funding again from the PRF in partnership with the Western Australian and New South Wales state governments to extend their work in models of care for musculoskeletal health and develop a nationally applicable evaluation framework to assess ‘readiness’ and ‘success’ of these models. Like RAP-eL, this project will also have direct relevance to, and impact on, physiotherapy practice.

The next steps: Andrew believes it is important that physiotherapy research continues to examine implementation of policy and evidence into practice, particularly as it relates to models of interdisciplinary care relevant to physiotherapy practice.