Promoting non-treatment physical activity in physio practice

OA clinical care standard

Grant recipient: Breanne Kunstler, APAM

Project title: Discovering the determinants of and the behaviour change techniques (BCTs) used when, promoting non-treatment physical activity (NTPA) in Australian physiotherapy practice.

Year awarded: 2016

PRF grant: Tagged Grant

Snapshot: The aim of this project was to identify the factors that influence physiotherapists' decision to promote physical activity, or not, to patients with musculoskeletal conditions and the BCTs physiotherapist use when promoting physical activity.

Results: Despite most physiotherapists reporting that they promote physical activity to their patients, they also reported several factors that influence their decision. Physiotherapists who knew how to promote physical activity, felt that it was compatible with their daily practice and prioritised physical activity over other patient problems and therefore more likely to promote physical activity.