Andrew Briggs is a WA-trained physiotherapist whose career has included senior roles in clinical practice, research and health policy. He completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne in the area of osteoporosis. Since 2007, Andrew has held a part time position at Curtin University, Western Australia, currently appointed as Associate Professor. His team’s research is focussed on evaluation and implementation of health policy for musculoskeletal health, and examining and closing evidence-practice gaps in musculoskeletal healthcare with a focus on persistent pain, inflammatory arthritis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Andrew holds an honorary appointment in the Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, where he contributes to a range of research projects in osteoporosis and persistent pain. He is a member of the Victorian WorkSafe Clinical Panel and the Minister-appointed Victorian Musculoskeletal Clinical Leadership Group. To add to his achievements, Andrew also works as a clinician in the area of arthritis and osteoporosis and is Senior Advisor to Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria.

Grant received 2013

Development of a 'readiness' and 'success' evaluation framework for models of care

Development of a 'readiness' and 'success' evaluation framework for models of care

Grant recipient: Andrew Briggs, FACP

Project title: Development of a 'readiness' and 'success' evaluation framework for Australian musculoskeletal models of care.

Year awarded: 2010

PRF grant: Tagged Grant