Levelling the playing field: advancing disability inclusion in sports


In this episode, hosts Leanne Johnston APAM, Nora Shields and Georgina Clutterbuck APAM explore strategies to enhance sports and recreation participation for individuals with disabilities. 


Unveiling the world of constraint-induced movement therapy in stroke rehab


Explore the world of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) in stroke rehab with Associate Proffessor Mark Elkins APAM and Ashan Weerakkody MACP. 

Gain insights into CIMT's unique components, challenges, and outcomes. This episode delves into qualitative and quantitative data, revealing disparities between perceptions and experiences. Join the conversation on the future of stroke rehabilitation in this episode of Conference Conversations. 

This podcast is a Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) initiative.


Mind matters: the role of psychology in physiotherapeutic practice


In this podcast episode, Tim Austin FACP chairs a discussion on psychologically informed practice in physiotherapy, with guests Dr Anne Daly FACP, Professor James McAuley and Dr Lester Jones MACP.


Exploring knee osteoarthritis: physiotherapy perspectives


Step into the future of knee osteoarthritis care with Dr Thorlene Edgerton, Ali Gibbs MACP and Adrian Kan APAM.


Patient centred care: promoting inclusive physiotherapy


Join Associate Professor Mark Elkins APAM, Carrie Taylor APAM and Dr Megan Ross APAM in a dynamic podcast discussing the essentials of inclusive physiotherapy. 


Empathy in action: crafting behaviour change in physiotherapy


In this episode, Caroline Bills MACP, Craig Allingham MACP, and Tahlia Alsop APAM delve into the nuances of behavior change in physiotherapy.


Unlocking potential: AI's impact on physiotherapy


Dive into the future of physiotherapy in this episode hosted by Dr Daniel Harvie MACP. Join experts Professor Stephen McPhail and Dr Ryan Gallagher MACP as they unravel the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.   


ACL uncovered: navigating choices in injury management


Join Dr Jane Rooney FACP, Dr Chris Vertullo and Dr Stephanie Filbay APAM in a riveting discussion on ACL injury management in Australia!


Words matter: unravelling the impact of labels on pain perception


In this episode, Dr Joshua Zadro APAM, Dr Yanfei Xie and Travis Haber delve into the impact of language and labels on people's beliefs about musculoskeletal pain. 


Shawana Andrews and Rachel Toovey – Taking action as an ally


Actions speak louder than words in allyship and it’s better to make mistakes than not to try at all. But how do you know when to speak up, when to step up and when to shut up?

In Episode 5 of The Deadly Physios, Dr Rachel Toovey and Associate Professor Shawana Andrews join Cameron to talk about listening and learning, the keys to building allyship skills and reciprocal relationships.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners are warned that the following episode may contain the names and voices of people who are deceased.