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InPractice 2025: what will future physiotherapy practice look like?

The Australian Physiotherapy Association engaged Nous Group to collaboratively explore the question: What will the Practice of the Future look like in 2025?

In commissioning this project, the APA sought to:

  • provide members with insights to guide individual practice development and strategic planning
  • inform the APA’s strategic priorities and actions to achieve its future vision
  • shape professional development programs that enable future growth of the profession.

The InPractice 2025 report highlights eight strategic drivers that will shape the health industry in the coming decades and the six key ingredients that private physiotherapy businesses must incorporate to thrive in the future.

This document analyses patient needs in 2025; their access to health information and research, their demands in terms of service quality and safety, their involvement and participation in the care journey, and how they expect to receive their health services.

Patients will want businesses to have more flexibility when it comes to hours and location, and will be attracted to multi-disciplinary practices as a one-stop-shop for their medical needs.

Other contributing factors will include: advances in technology, health system reforms, and the economic climate.

The APA believes this document will prove to be a helpful tool for physiotherapists so that they can catch a glimpse of the future, and prepare their businesses for what lies ahead.

The APA will help guide its members' businesses to create areas of interest and expertise, so that there is a more consumer focused framework as well as advise on the use of new technologies which can impact clinical practice.

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