APA Career Connect


The Australian Physiotherapy Association is excited to introduce APA Career Connect, our premier event designed for both students and professionals. This event is a fantastic opportunity for students and recent graduates to informally discuss employment possibilities for 2024 and 2025 with potential employers.

APA Career Connect is hosted at various locations across the country, providing an excellent chance to broaden your professional network, explore new career opportunities and connect with industry leaders in your local area.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to advance your career in physiotherapy!



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Want to maximise your time and pick the right candidate to join the team? Then secure your spot at APA's Career Connect.

This event provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase your organisation to the wider community and connect informally with potential employees. Our aim is to highlight the diverse array of employment opportunities available for students including roles in volunteer organisations, private and public sectors, and advice on locum and remote area work.


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Contact us before 1 August to secure your spot.


Wondering what your future in physiotherapy looks like?

Are you interested in private practices or the public sector? APA's Career Connect can guide you into 2025.

This event is an ideal platform for graduates to discuss career opportunities and meet potential employers recruiting for positions. A diverse range of employers from metropolitan and regional areas nationwide will be in attendance. You’ll find hospitals, allied health providers, private practices and recruitment services. Launch your career at APA Career Connect!


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