Honouring outstanding members

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Honouring outstanding members

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I am consistently amazed by and proud of all our engaged members, not only for what they achieve in their personal and professional lives, but for what they contribute to the APA, the physiotherapy profession, our communities, our mobs and the healthcare sector.

They are often humble and driven, focused on the future and on attaining the best possible outcomes and motivated to do more to advance this great profession.

At the IGNITE 2023 national conference in Brisbane in October, I had the great pleasure of welcoming two
exceptional engaged members to the Honoured Members category of the APA. 

Honoured Membership is not handed out lightly. 

It is awarded by the Board of Directors to members who have made an outstanding contribution to the physiotherapy profession and the APA. 

The standard for Honoured Members is very high and Professor Barby Singer FACP and Mike Ryan FACP will make fine additions to this list.

Barby’s dedication to the profession, to the APA and to the development of the Australian College of Physiotherapists training pathway is beyond question. 

Barby has contributed as a committee member of the Western Australian branch of the APA Neurological group, national chair of the Neurological group, a member and chair of the National Advisory Council, Chief Censor of the College Board of Censors, a councillor and current vice-president of the College and a member of the Australian Stroke Alliance, among many other ongoing committee and advisory panel roles in Western Australia and nationally. 

Her leadership, stewardship and passion for the profession, the APA and the College have always been outstanding and deserve to be recognised at this highest level.

Mike’s contribution to the APA, to the College, to musculoskeletal physiotherapy and to the profession has been one of continued leadership and commitment. 

I recall sitting in our National Advisory Council meetings in Melbourne, knowing that Mike would play a significant role in the conversation and that his articulateness, knowledge and future-focused point of view would influence the outcome. 

That kind of insight and vision are the result of a lifetime of professional activity pursued with passion and objectivity. 

Mike has held a number of leadership positions, including national chair of the APA Musculoskeletal group, member of the National Advisory Council, member of the Board of Directors and former president of the College.

If you commit to lifelong learning as a physiotherapist, the profession can assist you in your leadership development and take you places that you never imagined. 

Barby and Mike are prime examples of what is possible. 

The APA can provide you with the skills, expertise, energy, governance, leadership, networking, knowledge and support necessary for high-level leadership, all of which you can take with you and apply in other areas of your professional and personal life.

People often ask me to reflect on my leadership journey and I can honestly say that without the amazing people I have met along the way, I would not be the National President of the APA. 

The engaged members, physiotherapy networks, APA staff and external stakeholders have all made my journey memorable and many lifelong friendships have come out of these experiences.

I challenge every single member and non-member to step outside their comfort zone, get involved in something they feel passionate about and put their hand up to support the profession’s ongoing and future development. 

I can guarantee that anyone who does so will get much more out of their commitment to the profession than they put in.

Take care, stay safe.

>>Scott Willis APAM APA National President

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