An update on APA Career Pathways


This year has been an exciting time to work on further developing the Career Pathways for physiotherapists across the public, private and academic sectors.

Let’s talk Titling

The number of members undertaking Titling is at record levels.

Members are choosing either an Academic application after completing a recognised Australian coursework master’s or an Experiential pathway. Both pathways have record applications and we now have more than 2300 Titled members.

With a new pathway to Titling for researchers, we have our first wave of applicants who have completed an Australian master’s by research or Master of Philosophy (Doctor of Philosophy is also eligible as this is a higher level qualification).

Additionally, more than 120 members have achieved Titling in Pain in the first 18 months of applications.

We also celebrated the first Cancer, Lymphoedema and Palliative Care Titled members, noting that members can achieve one, two or three separate credentials in this clinical stream. And 23 members successfully completed the Sports and Exercise Experiential pathway in 12 months.

Our first candidate is trialling the new Portfolio pathway for Titling.

We have 60 more members eagerly awaiting the green light to commence submitting their portfolio for Titling in lieu of an Academic or Experiential pathway.

Many of the potential candidates waiting to start the new Portfolio pathway already hold an Australian coursework master’s qualification which doesn’t neatly fit a clinical stream, so doesn’t appear on the ‘recognised’ list.

It was sensational to see that 1084 Titled members have joined as members of the Australian College of Physiotherapists in the inaugural year.

Given that a great number of physiotherapists attended the College information night, we anticipate a significantly increased number of applicants in the coming years.

Interest growing in Fellowship

After the APA Board approved a two-tier model of recognition for physiotherapists and specialist physiotherapists (awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists), there has been significant effort to develop Fellowship pathways within the College.

A review and expansion of non-clinical pathways to Fellowship is currently underway.

The Original Contribution program will develop into the Research pathway Fellowship of the Australian College of Physiotherapists.

A second non-clinical Leadership/Management stream is also being developed. The harmonisation of these pathways will allow us to realise new opportunities in 2021.

The first Pain cohort are undertaking specialisation and they are progressing well.

The College Council has received recommendations from a consultant engaged to undertake a review of the Clinical Specialisation Training Program.

The College standing committees are currently working through the details and are keen to implement many of the recommendations.

We are sure to see enhancements to the Training Program in future years based on the extensive, detailed and valuable work of the consultant.

A number of educational principles were tabled through the National Advisory Council including APA education principles of access, equity and recognition of prior learning, credit pathways policy, recency of practice/recent experience and guidelines for assessment.

These educational principles are being embedded into our programs.

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