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Integration of career pathways for new and emerging clinical disciplines

Australian College of Physiotherapists

The Australian College of Physiotherapists (ACP) empowers physiotherapists lifelong learning journey towards achieving and maintaining the highest standards of clinical practice and professional excellence. The ACP offers credentialling programs at Milestones 3 and 4 of the Physiotherapy Competency Framework.

The ACP represents leaders in physiotherapy clinical practice, research, academia and management as well as supporting and promoting the career pathway. Governed by the College Council and Standing Committees, the ACP has governance structures that place it at the apex of an integrated career pathway open to physiotherapists looking to further their career, foster collegiality, promote professional excellence and lead the profession.

Unlock the next level of your physiotherapy career with the ACP

Explore the Titling and Fellowship pathways below, check eligibility criteria and find out how to apply.


Achieving the Titling credential is a mark of your ‘highly developed’ competency.

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Achieving Fellowship showcases the highest level of ‘expert’ capability.

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ACP Members

Find about more about the ACP benefits and access member-only information.

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Impact your career with a credential from the ACP

When you achieve a credential and become a Titled Member or Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists, you’ve earned your place amongst the leaders in the profession and will enjoy a range of benefits: 

Enjoy the recognition of your experience and qualifications by peers, patients and other healthcare professions. 

Access prestigious College membership logos to clearly and consistently display your credential.

Develop your network with an esteemed community of leaders.

Continue your learning with professional development opportunities from credentialed professionals. 

Enhanced career opportunities as a leader in physiotherapy. 

Personal satisfaction from making meaningful contribution to the profession and the next generation of physiotherapists.