Five facts about frailty

APA Gerontology group Western Australia Chair Kate Ellis, APAM with contributions from the national group committee and Tony Petta, presents five discussion points about frailty and the role physiotherapists can play in healthy ageing and the prevention of frailty.

The Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) has highlighted key messages from the 5 facts article featured in the April edition of InMotion and produced this infographic. Click on the image below to access a printable A3 file. 

About the Author:

Kate Ellis, APAM, has more than 10 years’ experience in aged care. Kate works as a care manager and physiotherapist at Silver Chain in Western Australia. She is Chair of the APA Gerontology Committee in Western Australia and the state representative on the APA Gerontology National Committee.

This infographic is a Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) initiative supported by FlexEze – partner of the PRF.